Covid-19 Plan and Disclaimer

Please click the link below to see the Covid Plan for Field Sports:

Covid-19 Plan Field Sports


I hereby release Premier Coaching and any hosting organisation from any and all claims and liability of any kind of personal injury and property damage due to participation in this program.  I understand that participation in this sports program includes physical contact and certify that my child is in good health and able to participate in all activities.  I agree to notify the coaching staff of any pre-existing injuries. 

Over the week of the program we would like to take some photos and videos of the players playing soccer and in groups and action shots etc.  We would like permission to be able to use some of these images for multimedia purposes in the future and for use on our website and social media pages for you all to view.  Please tick the disclaimer box below as way of permission for images to be used in this way by Premier Coaching.  Please also put your child’s name as reference. 

Behaviour Guidelines

  • All participants have the right to be involved in a positive environment, maintaining positive relationships throughout;  bullying, inappropriate comments or touching of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • The health, safety and well-being of all participants and staff is paramount; all participants must follow safety guidelines and instructions given by any member of Premier Coaching staff.

  • Should a participant feel their rights are not being maintained, they should approach staff who will begin an investigation as soon as possible.

Actions for behaviour management

Failure for any participant to uphold the behaviour guidelines may result in the following:

  1. Premier Coaching staff will remind the child/ young person about appropriate behaviour and sport specific instructions.   If inappropriate behaviour persists either:
  2. Supervision will be increased, for example bring the child/young person closer to the coach
  3. The participant may be removed from the group for a short time (5- 10 minutes) to give them time to reflect on their actions.
  4. Depending on the severity and persistence of the misbehaviour parents are contacted.
  5. If a child’s behaviour does not improve despite all efforts, Premier Coaching may have to ask the parents to remove the child from the program. This is an extremely rare situation and would only ever be a last resort.

Premier Coaching reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrolment if there is a breach of the Camp Behaviour Guidelines.   Any costs incurred as a result of damaged property will be charged to the parent/guardian.

No refund of the program fee will be provided to participants removed for behavioural reasons.