Talent ID Program

Our Talent ID Program is so we can identify players to attend our Bolton Wanderers Pro Xperience and Masita Cup in July.  Danny Clarke the Lead Academy Coach at Bolton Wanderers Football Club in the UK will be attending this tournament to help identify players to be part of our Premier Football Club Australia Tour Team later in 2018.

It cannot be overstressed that the ability to perform the fundamentals of the game, the 4 functional game skills (Core Skills)striking the ball, dribbling/running with the ball, first touch and 1 v 1 is of great significance to the overall development and the equipping of a young player to compete in today’s modern game.

To enhance opportunities for player development the football essentials have been subdivided into a number of categories:

  • The 4 “functional game skills”: First touch – Ball control – Running with the ball – dribbling, Ball striking – passing, shooting, 1v1 – beating an opponent

  • 1v1: defending, defensive headers, sliding tackles, tackling, attacking the ball

  • Speed of action: attacking headers, scoring ability, crosses, speed on the ball

  • Combination skills –overview, positional play, adherence to assigned tasks

  • Athletic personality –speed off the mark, speed from 0 to 10, from 10 to 30, and above 30 yards, mobility, strength in the tackle, stamina, running skills and jumping power

  • Charisma –leadership ability, match mentality, attitude towards others, teammates, coach, referee, etc, receptivity to coaching, ability to withstand pressure

  • Other information –modest, cheeky, creative, plays in the service of others, character player, technical player, right footed, left footed, both footed

Age related specific development goals:

  • Boys and Girls age groups: U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15’s and U16’s

  • Age related specific development goals and T (technical) I(insight) C (communication)

  • 4 Functional Game Skills; 1 v 1, running with the ball, first touch, striking the ball, ball mastery; T.I.C

  • Functional Game Skills and Skill Transfer, Game Training (basic form) Positional Games, Training Games, Technical, Individual Positional Awareness; T.I.C

Our Mission Statement

“At Premier Coaching our elite professional coaches can cater and modify all exercises and games to suit the players ability levels in a fully game related approach to teaching football. Premier Coaching aim to develop all players including those who are new to the game and refine and advance the skills and decision making of the more experienced players”

The program will concentrate of specialised skill training in the morning and tournament games in the afternoon.

Talent ID Program

2018 Dates TBC


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