Dear Paul,


 Thank you for the outstanding education and training afforded to Rhyan last year through your Sports Courses, as he diligently worked towards improving his OP ranking during his Senior year.

I wanted to inform you that due to successful completion of your Sports Courses , Rhyan’s OP ranking increased from 22 to 15, allowing him to attain his goal of placement in his first preference at University. Without this increase in OP ranking, Rhyan would not have placed at University.

Through your dedication and commitment to education and training in sports, my son fulfilled his ambition to not only successfully complete your Sports Courses, but also to achieve a future and career in his chosen field.

We are forever thankful, and cannot express our gratitude at the professional, proficient and personable manner in which you encouraged, supported and elevated Rhyan to success.

Yours faithfully,

Nicole Scragginess